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Tavern Tales Vol. 1 Hardcover (PDF & Map Pack Included in Purchase)

Tavern Tales Vol. 1 Hardcover (PDF & Map Pack Included in Purchase)

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  • 🎲 Discover Your Next Great Adventure!

    Embark on an unforgettable journey with "Tavern Tales Vol. 1," the essential Dungeons & Dragons 5e module that brings your role-playing to life. Whether you're gearing up for a casual game night or diving deep into a new campaign, Tavern Tales provides everything you need to create memorable stories and experiences.

    What's Inside?

    • Intricate Plots and Secrets: Dive into a module filled with complex characters, engaging lore, and secrets that unfold as you play.
    • Flexible Gameplay: Perfect for integrating into your existing D&D campaign or starting fresh. Adapt the challenges to fit your players’ skills and interests.
    • Endless Possibilities: Each playthrough allows you to make different choices, leading to new adventures and outcomes. Your decisions shape the world within the tavern walls.

    Shop Features:

    • Instant Download: Get immediate access to the PDF of Tavern Tales Vol. 1 upon purchase.
    • High-Quality Content: Professionally designed with detailed maps and guides to enhance your gaming experience.
    • Support and Community: Join our community of fellow adventurers to exchange tips, stories, and more.

    Ready to take your Dungeons & Dragons experience to new heights? "Tavern Tales Vol. 1" is here to transform your tabletop gaming into a grand adventure where strategy, chance, and storytelling meet.

Tavern Tales Reviews

"What’s great about Tavern Tales isn’t just that it is a new fleshed-out location filled with multi-dimensional NPCs or a Circus with plenty of opportunities for fun and games. It’s also not just about the adventures that spawn out of this location but it’s how everything works together as a coherent package"


"Tavern Tales Vol.1 is an amazing 5e book, which can easily be inserted in any setting. It's extremely well written, beautifully illustrated and organized in a way that makes it very simple to use. It has a lot of interesting content and we definitely recommend that you add this book to your collection!"

-Wendigo Workshop


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