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Citrus Fruits
"What’s great about Tavern Tales isn’t just that it is a new fleshed-out location filled with multi-dimensional NPCs or a Circus with plenty of opportunities for fun and games. It’s also not just about the adventures that spawn out of this location but it’s how everything works together as a coherent package"
"Tavern Tales Vol.1 is an amazing 5e book, which can easily be inserted in any setting. It's extremely well written, beautifully illustrated and organized in a way that makes it very simple to use. It has a lot of interesting content and we definitely recommend that you add this book to your collection!
"It's more than just a book about a single tavern, it's a book with a lot of rules that can really make any tavern feel fleshed out." 

14 Adventures

20+ Fully Fleshed out NPCs

30+ Encounter Maps

12 Traveling Merchants

Ink Devil & Owl Bear Tamer Player Classes

Unique Backgrounds

And so much more!

Tavern Tales is a tool for Game Masters of the world's greatest roleplaying game. This book is a fully designed living tavern filled with interesting NPC's, Quests, personalities, and activities for your party.

   Tavern Tales features writers from the 5e community that have contributed to projects such as The Uncaged Anthology,  Kingdoms and Warfare, and Beyond the Basics.

   Whether you need some breathing room to write your next story point, a place for your party to hang their hats after a long day of adventuring, or just an anthology of adventures, Tavern Tales delivers. 

   This is the first in a series of themed Taverns you can place throughout your campaign setting. In Tavern Tales Volume 1 we find ourselves in A Trip Away Inn a circus-themed tavern filled with colorful patrons and regulars. From the enigmatic gnome bartender with a magical cup that always lands upright to the Two-Timing Twins, sisters with a penchant for knife throwing, this tavern resonates with character.


   The more time you spend here the more secrets you will unlock. A Trip Away Inn is the perfect place for you and your party to enjoy a nice cold one after a tough day or a great place for second breakfast.


Meet the Patrons of a Trip Away Inn


A small group of kobolds is a strange sight in the tavern, but a double-take will confirm it. They have an underfed look about them, ragged bits of leather and scraps of chainmail hang off them like leaves from a Weeping Willow, but they are in good spirits. Indeed, the unlikely band (for that is what their battered instruments mark them as) chitter and chirp to one another in Draconic near ceaselessly. From time to time, a dreadfully out of tune chord will sound, heralding the beginning of a song. The reaction from the other patrons is immediate, they hurry out of their seats and drop copper pieces in a little can set out in front of the kobolds. When the clatter of coin hitting tin has died away, so too has the music, if such a word can be used to describe what the kobolds are doing to those instruments, and they happily tuck away their spoils. It becomes clear very quickly that they are being paid not to play.

Strychnine is well-known for her ability to brew deadly poisons and potent magical potions—a talent she herself does not take lightly. Strychnine visits A Trip Away Inn about once a month for a whole week, though it’s rare for her to ever actually set foot inside the tavern proper. Instead, the tiefling potion maker can usually be found camped in the outhouse during her visits, alchemical flasks perched on the edge of the toilet bowl and crucibles simmering over portable flames in the corner.  It’s not the most dignified set-up, but with the convenient bag of devouring by the door to dispose of the more volatile waste products, the outhouse serves as a temporary laboratory for her well enough. The faint sounds of muffled explosions and streams of multicolored smoke seeping under the door usually accompany Strychnine’s occupation of the outhouse.


Noble Elf Lord Léanin Eiriander loves a fine drink but mainly sees to his gambling obsession. He is constantly in debt, but is convinced that the next scheme is all it takes to get him back on his feet again.

Lord Léanin is drinking the finest wine at the tavern and gambling unseemly amounts of coin with no real regard for how much he loses or gains. Lord Léanin is casual with his money and friendly to everyone in the tavern.


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