Blood, Rum & Thunder

The nations of Talagra and Casteggia have hated each other for centuries. Massive navies constantly blow each other to matchsticks over stretches of empty ocean, salt-stained outcrops, and crumbling island forts.

Hundreds of years of distracted authorities have allowed piracy to bloom, and life on the buccaneer islands known as the Thorns flourishes as much as it ever has. Your existence outside the law has been an adventurer’s dream.

Until now.

Blackmailed, tempted, threatened, or flattered, you and your companions are press-ganged into service by the Talagran government for a clandestine mission: a delivery so important, so risky, and so delicate as to require a crew of, how shall we put it? Disposables. The challenge is great, but the reward even greater.

How will you carve your legend across the Allium Sea? There are sharp blades and greedy hearts between you and your bounty. Let’s hope the wind is behind you.

Blood, Rum & Thunder is a salt-stained 5e pirate campaign that pits your rag-tag crew against the powers of the ocean, the crown, and more.

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