Burning In

Avoid obstacles, sabotoge your friends in this turrbulant race to claim an alien world in the name of your corporation.

In 2033 humanity has finally reached its true purpose among the stars. Seeking out new habitable worlds, and strip-mining them of all of their natural resources in order to sustain our quality of life on

Earth! These operations are carried out by Earth’s great corporations who send their sub-interns on expeditions to claim planets in the name of their corporation. They call these sub-interns claim jumpers (that's you). Unpaid, untrained, unsuspecting corporate lackeys who are hurled out of a spaceship towards the surface of the planet in a high stakes, life-on-the-line race for ownership of the planet and promotion to unpaid intern. Just remember that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when your pod’s coming apart, your opponent just got smashed to atoms by a space rock, and you’re burning in.

In Burning In you will use cards to steer your ship to the surface on a vertical board, avoiding debris and landing yourself on the ground safely. Be careful not to impact too quickly or you may end up with nothing more than a stain on the surface of this new world.

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